Squirt Coated Chain
The first high-end chains on the market to be pre-lubed and sold 'ready to use'
Squirt is now regarded and has been rated by many authoritative magazines and websites, like VeloNews and, as the best bicycle chain lube in the world. Now in a World first, high-end chains specially manufactured for Squirt by KMC, are available pre-lubed with Squirt. The benefit and advantages of are distinct:

the chain is lubed and ready to use out of the box
no more removal of sticky factory grease
the chain will stay clean with continual use of Squirt lube
simply put, it just makes life easy!
Squirt are proud to support the A cycling team with the range of Squirt products during the 2015 racing season.Needing no introduction Matt Page will be joined by George Budd this season.check out the team page..
Squirt continues their support for Aston Hill mtb team for 2015.The team will be using Squirt Lube,Squirt seal, KMC squirt lubed chains and Squirt bike wash.
Matt and Emily Hutt
Squirt are overjoyed to be supporting British BMX champions Matt and Emily Hutt for the 6th consecutive year with Squirt lube and now also KMC Squirt lubed chains.
Squirt Seal
Puncture sealant that will seal every air leak or puncture.

With more long distance events and extreme riding conditions ever increasing, a flat can make life difficult, whether racing or on a social ride. SEAL is a liquid sealant that is inserted into the tyre that will protect against punctures and air leaks. It is compatible with various tyre valves like Schraeder, Presta removable core valves and tubeless. It is ideal for high puncture-risk off-road riding and has been proven by top athletes. It will effectively seal a hole caused by a 10mm-wide thorn or nail and ensure a flat-free ride.
Squirt Low Temp Chain Lube
Squirt Low-Temp Chain Lube is a low temperature lube for use in very cold conditions. Lube that thickens or hardens in cold conditions causes more drag in the drive train, resulting in less efficient usage of power. Squirt Low Temp Lube has a modified congealing point, allowing it to lube optimally in these temperatures, keeping your chain quiet and clean, with long lasting durability.
Squirt Barrier Balm
Squirt Barrier Balm is a protective balm that forms an invisible microfilm on skin.

repels moisture
protects against chafing and chemical irritation
helps prevent fissures
anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
long lasting
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