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MBR April 2015 Review
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Hunting for Speed - Velo News February 2014
Feb 2014
Hunting for Speed
In a search for the fastest lube on the planet, Velo-News (USA) and Friction Facts Lab found Squirt to be the “true hero of this test” and rated it as “the whole package” in a test of the 25 most popular lubes in the world. This is affirmation that Squirt is not only the cleanest lube around, but also the best drip lube in the world in terms of friction performance. Read the full article in the February 2014. Click on headline for full review >>>
Thanks to Squirt’s Sweat Sucker the humble headband comes of age. Discrete, extremely effective and fully helmet compatible, gone are the days when turbo sessions and scorching summer training runs meant looking like an extra from fame, suffering unsightly rashes and perspiration running inside eyewear. However, the design mustn’t be tossed in with the civilian machine wash, works best in conjunction with a helmet (worn outside of the straps) and should be replaced every three months.

Free from elastic, it is a one-size fits all, perforated porous strip packed like a stuffed crust pizza with highly absorbent granules. It simply ties around the forehead, soaking up sweat without swelling. Once saturated, moisture is purged in a capillary action along the sides and ultimately via the helmet straps or rider’s cheeks onto the ground.

In practice it works surprisingly well without slipping and discrete dimensions mean the sweat sucker doesn’t draw any unwanted attention. Wicking prowess is comparable to that of breathable fabrics, remaining consistently dry during an hour’s intense turbo session. Having said that, it’s hard to beat a good free-flow of air and conveniently placed towel. Ours has remained refreshingly odourless despite repeated wearing and no rinsing but unlike the Bjorn Borg type, it cannot be machine-washed so regular, gentle post ride rinsing/soaking in detergent free, tepid water is a wise precaution.

Ingenious, discrete and hygienic technical headband that works best with helmets.
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Good lube, this, and not to be confused with delicate wax lubes that demand you soak your chain in lavender oil for three weeks and then pick out the dirt with a toothpick before you apply it. You can just slap this stuff on, and after a few applications when excess wax starts to build up on the chain, you can easily brush it off, keeping your chain nice and clean. It stays put, too.

The Squirt people describe their wax lube as "an emulsion that is blended under special controlled conditions from a number of waxes" - it's basically a suspension of the wax in water, which differs from most wax lubes that dissolve the wax in an VOC-based carrier. That means it's more environmentally friendly, and it doesn't seem to affect the penetration.

The first test was to add some to a dryish chain and see how it fared under normal conditions. The milky-white liquid is easy to see on the chain, and when the water evaporates you get that slightly greasy wax-lube feel. The Squirt lube easily survived 30-odd miles of normal commuting in all weathers, at which point it faced about the sternest test possible: 40 miles in the salt, snow and rain finishing up on the muddy, puddle-strewn canal towpath. I wouldn't expect any lube to survive that and the chain showed some evidence of rust the next day after a hose down, but it wasn't noisy - there was still some lube in there, so it's pretty tenacious stuff. Squirt market the wax lube at MTBers as well as roadies, and it's certainly a good choice for both. In terms of longevity it's not quite up with the best wet lubes, but it's much better than most of the other dry and wax lubes I've tested.

I was sceptical about Squirt's claim that "excess wax gets expelled by the chain and falls off during riding - cleaning with a dry brush is adequate", but it turns out there's some truth in that. The excess wax is pretty easy to get rid of: it doesn't readily fall off of its own accord but a quick brush buffs up your chain nicely, and dirt doesn't stick to it like it would with a wet lube.

Easy to apply, tenacious and clean running wax lube

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Not long ago, wax-based chain lubricants were hailed as the be-all-end-all, promising cleaner drivetrains, quiet operation and good longevity. After years of searching, Cyclingnews technical editor James Huang finally comes across one that actually lives up to its billing.

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The post-Squirt silence is uncanny!

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Singletracks 50th issue reviews Squirt
Squirt Chain Lube

Price: £7.99
Tested: Two months

I love the smell of chain lube in the morning.  A well lubricated and cleaned chain shifts better, is quieter, more efficient and lasts longer.  Cleaning chains is a hateful task.  Often, we simply add more and more oil to quell the squealing of the tortured metal.  But build up with particles of dirt leads to grinding paste, and all too soon the chain, sprockets and even the chain rings are toasted.
Enter Squirt.  This lube was developed to answer the age old problems with wax lubes, while retaining the advantages.  Squirt is a biodegradable emulsion of waxes – it is water based – but it does not separate or clog up the nozzle.  A clean and dry chain is necessary to start with and after two applications (carefully, to each roller) you are good to go.  In the name of research, I cheated on one bike, ignoring the careful preparation steps.  The other bike started with a new chain, which I degreased and cleaned thoroughly.   The first chain got a cursory coating, the second had a additional coat carefully applied after the first had dried.  Needless to say, the second bike fared far better than the first.
So, when properly applied, how does it compare to a ‘wet lube’?  In dry conditions the lube is fantastic.  Quiet, clean and better still it can be reapplied endlessly without leading to build up.  There is no need to clean the chain in between.  Old wax and dirt is washed out with each application.  In wet and gritty conditions the lube needs to be re-applied every 50 or so miles.  About on par with most lubes I have used.  The chain has not worn (‘stretched’) significantly over two months and there is no tooth damage to suggest any lack of lubricating power.
Overall;  Clean, biodegradable, effective and not too smelly.  Excellent lube.  Did I mention I haven’t cleaned my chain in two months?
Jon Meredith
Britain's best selling cycling magazine gives Squirt 10 rating and chosen as one of the products of the year.
WE’VE seen wax lubes before but this one has finally delivered where others have failed. When applied to a clean, dry chain, the water-based carrier ensures that the wax reaches all moving parts while leaving a dry chain afterwards. Even in the wettest of conditions, the lube kept the chain moving freely and did not wash off like others have a tendency to. Reapplication was only necessary once or twice a week based on riding each day, although wet conditions would make
it more necessary. We asked if this lube was the Holy Grail of chain lubes and it would certainly seem to be the closest we've come.
I used to use White Lightning back in the 90's, probably put too much lube on my chain too...

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Squirt Lube
mtbr review by Sharon Bader

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Squirt Lube is a water/wax emulsion dry lube that claims to keep your chain clean and quiet while enviromentally friendly.  The biodegradable formula contains no harmful solvents and breaks down quickly, making it good for your bike and for the earth.

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Okay, let’s be honest.

You would probably rather be reading a review about the latest ‘must-have’ piece of kit for your bike right now, all decked out in this season’s BNGs (Bold New Graphics), promising to make you faster, more extreme and more desirable to the opposite sex.
In this age of multi-directional carbonfibre weaves, hydroformed swoopiness and intelligent suspension, reading about a bicycle chain lubricant isn’t that exciting, right?

Well, that all depends on the lube.

Oil-based chain lubes are a pain. All the dirt they attract to your drivetrain soon turns into grinding paste, gleefully eating away at your expensive chainrings, chain and cassette. The only way to stop this murderous attack on your bike is to degrease the drivetrain thoroughly after every long or muddy ride, before any lube is reapplied.
Up here in rainy Scotland, this means pretty much after every ride, a little ritual that soon becomes expensive if you consider how much decent degreasers (like citrus degreaser) cost nowadays.

‘Squirt’ lube is different. It works. Really well. Because it’s wax-based its self cleaning and never needs degreasing. All you have to do is reapply as you need it. It leaves you more time to ride your bike, and that’s the whole point, right?

At ‘The Hub in the Forest’ in Glentress, we have one of the UK’s biggest hire & demo bike fleets (120 + bikes in Summer!), and one of our biggest challenges as mechanics is keeping that fleet clean, properly serviced and safe. This means washing every single bike after every single ride, and using traditional lubes and degreasers is far too time-consuming and expensive. Over the last few months, we have been testing Squirt lube on some of our demo bikes and also our own staff bikes, in some of the worst conditions that a Scottish winter can dish out. We have been so impressed with the results that we now exclusively use Squirt lube on all our hire, demo and all repair bikes in the workshop. Not only does it speed up washing the fleet enormously, it also saves us a lot of dosh previously spent on degreasers.
Unlike other dry lubes, it is also very durable, surviving the wettest, longest rides for days before you need to apply again.

I now use it on all my own bikes - road, commuter, mountain bike and also with my team mates in the Glentress Riders team, racing in the Scottish Cross County series (check us out, we kick arse!) and I still grin every time I don’t have to spend ages after a race cleaning the drivetrain.

It really is the best £7-99 you could spend on your bike, not as sexy as that carbon handlebar you’ve been drooling over, but it will save you loads in the long term.

...And less time cleaning your bike means more time riding your bike!

Jake Law, The Hub in the Forest.
A friend of squirt directed us to the washingmachinepost, now we are addicted.They even reviewed Squirt.
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