SQUIRT - Long lasting Dry Lube


Why Squirt?

Maybe you have a bicycle with a black gunky oily chain. You are forgiven for this. You`ve applied lube, its become old and gunky and is attracting all sort of grit to it wearing your chain and sprockets prematurely. Now you have to buy degreaser and clean it all before applying more lube and starting the process all over again.

Unless you apply Squirt.

If you apply Squirt to a clean degreased and dry chain then your chain becomes lubed and self cleaning. You say goodbye to black gunky chains and degreasing. All you do is apply squirt and ride, apply and ride.

Why use an oil on your chain if what you say is true?

Good question. Oil based lubes work great but the hassle is always they gunk up. We get told to wipe excess lube from the chain after application so as to reduce this happening. In other words wipe off what we just spent money buying. You will have to degrease your chain periodically, theres no way around that. That requires degreaser and a bucket of oily dirty black matter to try and dispose off after the job is complete. For seasoned riders degreasing chains isn't such a drama and at best a little inconvenience once in a while. For some of us its a hassle.

So Squirt is the perfect chain lube? why can't I find it anywhere?

In the mid nineties a wax based lube appeared on the market that was a great idea but didnt work very well. Shop keepers and riders used it and decided wax lubes didnt work. Like full suspension bikes back then that didn't work things change and its the same with Squirt which is the next generation lube and its 100% biodegradable. Unlike an oil based lube that you can apply just before you ride Squirt needs to dry on the chain first. This makes it alot less user friendly than an oil based lube although that brings us back to the degreasing bit again. More and more shops and riders are realising Squirt is something completely different and have become converts.

  • For mountain and road bike use
  • Wet and dry conditions
  • Long lasting dry lube
  • 100% biodegradeable and solvent free
  • Wax based
  • Once applied no degreasing required
  • Reduces chain noise
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